6th International Course

Update on Facial Paralysis


 February 15-17th , 2023. La Paz University Hospital – Madrid


Place: Professor Ortiz Vázquez Assembly Hall of La Paz University Hospital

Entrance through General Hospital

Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 261 – Madrid – Spain



 Main topics

· Do we need a Facial Paralysis Unit to treat patients with facial paralysis? The 15-year experience of La Paz Hospital Unit: Breaking old paradigms.

· Facial Grading Systems: Hands-on workshop with real patients to learn the use of different grading systems including eFACE.

· An update on medical treatment for Bell & Ramsay Hunt. Corticoids and/or antivirals? Is there a role for surgical treatment?

· The usefulness of electrophysiological tests for FP: Which, When and Why.

· Psychological aspects of FP.  The impact of counseling, treatment and follow up in a Facial Paralysis Unit.

· General approach to the patient with FP according to the etiology and the duration.

· Hypoglossal or Masseteric nerves for reinnervation:  The key factors for selecting each technique for our patients.

· Is that another tumor of the facial nerve? Management of these lesions in 2018.

· Facial nerve rehabilitation in malignant tumors: Is it worthwhile?

· General philosophy of facial nerve reconstruction.

· The anatomically intact but non-stimulating facial nerve in skull base surgery: Intraoperative facial nerve reinforcement and reconstruction.

· An update on eye care in patients with FP.

· Treatment options for the long-term FP: Deciding between muscle transposition and free flaps.

· Nonsurgical treatment of FP: Do we all know what to do? Myths and realities.

· Specific Physical Therapy following each surgical technique.

· Mimetherapy.

· Physiotherapist management of synkinesis.

· Facial neuromuscular retraining.

· Botulinum toxin treatment in FP. Clinical usefulness and its impact on Quality of Life.

· Facial Paralysis in children: What’s new.


The Nonsurgical Workshop with live patients:

· Clinical evaluation.

· Identification of the main sequelae, and their importance for the patient.

· Facial Neuromuscular Retraining (exercise, stretching).

· Botulinum toxin injection.


The Surgical Workshop will teach how to perform the following techniques:

· Intratemporal end-to-side hypoglossal-facial anastomosis

· Cross-face sural graft.

· Gracilis microvascular flap.

· Harvesting donor nerves in facial paralysis: sural, greater auricular (trunk vs. trunk and branches) and masseteric nerves.

· Upper lid platinum chain weight using the retrograde postelevator approach.

· Current oculoplastic surgery.

Multidisciplinary approach to real and complex clinical cases

· Complex real cases will be presented and discussed by the speakers and the participants. If you want to send us a case for discussion you can email to lapazparalisisfacial@salud.madrid.org





· Dr. Luis Lassaletta. Department of Otolaryngology. La Paz Hospital, Madrid.

· Dr. Susana Moraleda. Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. La Paz Hospital, Madrid.

· Dr. Teresa González-Otero. Department of Maxillofacial Surgery. La Paz Hospital, Madrid.



· Prof. Javier Gavilán. Department of Otolaryngology. La Paz Hospital, Madrid.


Guest Faculty

· Dr. Tessa Hadlock. Facial Nerve Center. Boston, USA.

· Dr. Jacqueline H Diels. University of Wisconsin, USA.

· Dr. Carien Beurskens. Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

· Dr. Miguel Aristegui. Department of Otolaryngology. Gregorio Marañón Hospital, Madrid.

· Dra. Sara Clariana. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Madrid.


Local Faculty

· Dr. Álvaro Arbizu. Department of Ophthalmology.

· Dr. Amelia Fernández-Zubilaga. Department of Neuro-Radiology.

· Dr. Pilar García Raya. Department of Neuro-Radiology.

· Dr. Miguel Burgueño Garcia. Department of Maxillofacial Surgery.

· Dr. Javier Arias Gallo. Department of Maxillofacial Surgery.

· Dr. Elena Gómez. Department of Maxillofacial Surgery.

· Dr. Javier González. Department of Maxillofacial Surgery.

· Dr. David Hernández. Department of  Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

· Dr. Jose Manuel Morales. Department of Otolaryngology.

· Dr. M. José Morán. Department of Maxillofacial Surgery.

· Dr. Julio Peñarrocha. Department of Otolaryngology.

· Dr. Pilar Prim. Department of Otolaryngology.

· Dr. Jose María Roda. Department of Neurosurgery.

· Dr. Ignacio Pascual. Department of Neurology.

· Dr. Ricardo Romero. Department of Ophthalmology.

· Dr. Susana Santiago. Department of Neurophysiology.

· D. Sergio López Pozo. Physiotherapist. Department of PM&R.

· Dña. Elena Mauleón. Physiotherapist.  Department of PM&R.